Spy's Little Zonbi, The
Spy's Little Zonbi, The

Publisher - Coffeetown Press Author - Cole Alpaugh

Participating in a college-sponsored aid program in Haiti, Chase Allen witnesses the slaughter of homeless boys. Unable to shake the haunting images with booze and bong hits, he decides to make something of his life in journalism. At a newspaper, however, he is recruited to become a CIA agent who poses as a journalist in international hot spots.
Later, in Nicaragua, Chase is assigned to position the country's president into the gun sights of a distant sharpshooter during a press dinner. Success lands him a mission in northwest Thailand helping an American Peace Corps volunteer caught up in a jihadist scheme.

While monitoring a hapless band of wannabe Iranian terrorists in New Jersey, Chase meets a dark, intriguing woman. Marriage and fatherhood change his priorities, and he worries about putting himself and his family in danger. Yet, with great reluctance he agrees to follow a former Australian ski racer plotting a deadly strike at the Winter Olympics. Chase's idealism led him to spying, and that same quality could be his undoing. Faced with deceit beyond his wildest imaginings, he clings to the one person in his life who is good and true - his daughter, his Little Zonbi.

The Spy's Little Zonbi is a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's 2013 Book of the Year Award (General Fiction)

"Part The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and part The World According to Garp, Alpaugh's latest offering is an exhilarating read that I highly recommend."
    --Ann Schmidt, MLS, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

"Imaginative. Funny. 3D Characters that come to life on the page and leave you wanting more."
    --Michelle Hessling, Publisher, The Wayne Independent

"Forget James Bond. I d much rather spend my time with Chase Allen, the idealistic journalist-turned-government spook at the center of Cole Alpaugh's outlandishly entertaining new novel."
    --Josh McAuliffe, Scranton Times-Tribune

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The Iranians became drunker and more obnoxious as the weeks passed. They seemed to be less a terrorist risk than a danger to the club kids and even themselves. It was on a Friday night that the six men surrounded a girl on the dance floor. Chase, nursing a vodka tonic in a plastic cup, leaned against a wall near the stage. It was still early and the girl was dancing alone when she was accosted, trapped in a circle. The men were hooting, drunk and macho, beer bottles waving over their heads. The four bouncers, huge black guys from the neighborhood, stepped out of the shadows, and Chase watched them looking at each other, deciding if it was time to pounce.

The Iranian men danced by, throwing out their hips and making little hops that rained down foamy beer. The circle tightened and it took them a while to realize the girl had somehow escaped, slipping through their gyrating gauntlet.

"I'm Mitra." She appeared next to Chase, a drink in her hand.

Category: Fiction | General Suggested Price: 14.95 Release Date: 11/01/2013 ISBN: 978-1-60381-184-2 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 272