Double Cross, The
Double Cross, The The Spanish Brand, book 1

Publisher - Camel Press Author - Carla Kelly

Set against the mountains and high plains of northeastern New Mexico during the decline of Spanish power in the New World, The Double Cross is a story of loss and love regained. A widower, Marco Mondragon lives a predictable life, working as an inspector of livestock brands spending his days among the cattle. Occasional raids by the fierce Comanche Indians interrupt the steady flow of work, but Marco is sensible and always avoids unnecessary risks. Once a year, his work takes him to Santa Fe. In the autumn of 1780, his journey brings more than just business - it brings the prospect of romance and great danger.

Paloma Vega is young and beautiful, but she is being used by cruel relatives. Marco suspects that Paloma's uncle may have stolen a brand from her deceased parents, forcing the pair to contend with many challenges that threaten their safety.

Life becomes less than predictable for Marco Mondragon as he works to change Paloma's fortune while the ever-dangerous Comanches become a more dangerous problem.

The first in the Spanish Brand series.

"You remember exactly where you were for all of the important moments in your life. Your first kiss. Your first Dove Bar. And your first Carla Kelly book."
    --The Romance Reader

"Kelly has the rare ability to create realistic yet sympathetic characters that linger in the mind. One of the most respected Regency writers."
    --Library Journal

"The first in Carla Kelly's new Spanish Brand series, The Double Cross is a late-eighteenth­century story set in the Comancheria region of the American frontier that encompasses a large part of both Texas and New Mexico. Don Marco Mondragon, a widower and juez de campo (rancher and brand inspector), is about to meet his unlikely future bride in the form of Paloma Vega, a downtrodden but spunky young woman working as an unpaid servant in her uncle's home. Marco and Paloma are brought together by, of all things, a small yellow dog that has brought a bit of sunlight to Paloma's dreary life, a dog which Marco purchases from her with the excuse of needing something to warm his feet. Thankful for the money, Paloma agrees to part with the dog but is nonetheless saddened by the loss of her only comfort. A local priest with good intentions schemes to unite man, woman, and dog but is met with obstacles along the way.

The reader eventually discovers that "The Double Cross" does not refer to a plan gone wrong but, rather, is the nickname of Don Marco's own cattle brand. Kelly skillfully invites readers to share in this romantic adventure that is played out amidst scenes depicting the harsh landscapes and living conditions on the frontier--all punctuated with an assortment of unsavory characters pitted against the heroic."
    --Patricia Morrow, Foreword Magazine

"Engaging and highly entertaining, The Double Cross is Carla Kelly at her best."
    --Carla Neggers, New York Times bestselling author of Saint's Gate.

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Category: Fiction | Romance - Historical Suggested Price: 13.95 Release Date: 08/01/2013 ISBN: 978-1-60381-945-9 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 240