Chef Interrupted
Chef Interrupted Discovering Life's Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis

Publisher - Coffeetown Press Author - Trevis L. Gleason

When Trevis Gleason, a former chef at the top of his professional culinary career, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he lost everything--his job, his marriage, even his perceived persona. Surveying the ruins of his former life, he saw an opportunity to fulfill a long-postponed dream. He would travel from Seattle, Washington, to the wilds of west Kerry, Ireland for the winter. Renting a rustic cottage in "The Town," Trevis braved narrow, sheep-obstructed roads and antiquated heating systems to learn that his life, his loves (including cooking), and even his dreams weren't lost, just waiting to be rediscovered in this magical place. He acquired a charming puppy named Sadie, who grounded his days and served as a devoted companion as he surmounted inevitable physical setbacks and cultural challenges. All the while, he entertained a steady stream of visiting friends and relatives, including his former wife. The Town's colorful characters welcomed the American stranger as one of their own, and he soon found himself reveling in the beauty of the rugged countryside, the authentic joy of the holidays, the conviviality of the pubs, and the hearty flavor of the simple food. Recipes included.

"Seattle chef Trevis L. Gleason was diagnosed with MS, and decided to travel while he could; journeying to Ireland where he rented an old cottage for a winter and reflected on his future. Chef Interrupted documents this journey and offers a lively memoir serving up a healthy dose of reality combined with insights on how new dreams may be constructed from trying moments in life.

When he left Seattle, Gleason believed everything had ended: his marriage, his career, and all he held dear. His experiences in Ireland would help him create a new life and values, and these are recounted in a fun story that peppers recipes into a memoir about this process.

While many a reader will pick up Chef Interrupted expecting some kind of culinary history or memoir, in fact it's much more: it's about survival and living with MS, and about envisioning and forming a new life. Through Gleason's eyes, more than Ireland comes to life - and more than cooking becomes the focus, making for a recommendation to travel and self-help readers as well as audiences with an interest in culinary memoirs.
    --Publishers Weekly, April, 2015

"Don't think of this book as a how-to-cope tome. Trevis Gleason's' Chef Interrupted is a wide entertainment and a joy to read. Certainly his prose abounds in Celtic wit and American audacity."
    --Martha King, Editor, Momentum, the magazine of the National MS Society (USA)

"Chef Interrupted is, like all of Trevis' writings, instantly relatable, funny, smart, skeptical, hopeful, and always interesting."
    --Rose Pike, Executive Editor,

"When I want to know what's really 'cooking' in the MS community, I log onto Trevis' blog. He has never failed to provide balanced, candid, thoughtful and even humorous insights into life with MS. His perspectives about the issues of the day--MS related and otherwise--always enlighten and inform me. The same is true for Chef Interrupted."
    --Joyce Nelson, CEO emeritus, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"Trevis is one of those truly gifted community organizers. To be able to lead and organize a community you have to be able to have the ability to inspire and Trevis has this down to an art.  I've seen him transform his pain into humor, humility and personal growth via his writings but perhaps even more impressive is his natural ability to relate and reach people. That means he has the gift to make you give a damn to the point you find yourself repeating his musings to others.  That's a mark of a talented writer and community leader."
    --Natalie Brown, Editor, Health Talk

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Category: Memoir / Biography Suggested Price: 15.95 Release Date: 01/03/2015 ISBN: 978-1-60381-301-3 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 288