The Dyea Convicted Felons Club
The Dyea Convicted Felons Club

Publisher - Lynn Canal Publishing Author - Nita Nettleton

In this sequel to Nowhere Else to Go, but Dyea, we find transplanted white collar ex-convict Henry Stillwater with his poker-playing fellow "felons" in the middle of a mystery in the historic ghost town of Dyea (pronounced Di-eee).  Stillwater has settled into a new life and love in the valley at the end of Alaska's Inside Passage, but his peace is disturbed by the discovery of a body, and a treasure of sorts that seemingly eludes all who pursue it, including wild, unruly critters large and small.  Complicating Stillwater's life is a visit by the attorney daughter who sent him away to Alaska, but she too is absorbed by the mystery and where it takes them - to the summit of the Chilkoot Trail.

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Category: Fiction Suggested Price: 14.95 Release Date: 12/01/2018 ISBN: 978-0-945284-16-1 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 240