Badges, Bears, and Eagles
Badges, Bears, and Eagles The True-Life Adventures of a California Fish and Game Warden

Publisher - Coffeetown Press Author - Steven T. Callan

Over his thirty-year career as a wildlife protection officer for the California Department of Fish and Game, Steve Callan and his longtime working partner, Dave Szody, conducted some of the most fascinating, complex and highly successful wildlife investigations in California history. Callan also collected a wealth of true stories--action-packed, suspenseful and often humorous. In Badges, Bears, and Eagles, Steve provides a vivid first-person account of his adventures. The author and his colleagues outsmart game hogs, thwart fish thieves, and foil outlaws with names like "Squeaky." Steve is even stalked by African lions and mauled by a five-hundred pound Bengal tiger. One of the most important cases of his career begins with a slain bald eagle dropped on the doorstep of the Fish and Game office, along with a note threatening the life of a fellow warden. A decade later, Steve and Dave conduct the investigation of their lives, uncovering a statewide criminal conspiracy to kill California black bears for their valuable gall bladders. It's not all about catching bad guys--in "Saving Lake Mathews," Steve chronicles how he helped save a beloved wildlife sanctuary from development.

"This engrossing memoir by debut author Callan lets readers in on highlights of his 30-year career as a California wildlife officer. With a healthy dose of bravado, he always gets his perps, though he credits his fellow officers, like long-time partner Dave Szody, and the roles they've played in cases brought against poachers and other law-breakers. He recalls stories from back into the 1970's, his memory matched by a knack for pacing and recognition of how much information readers need to understand the dynamics of the cases. From beer-swilling poacher flunkies to 'entrepreneurs' dealing in black bear gall bladder for use in Chinese medicine, Callan and his partner sent a lot of wild characters to jail. The vignettes are jaw-dropping, funny, tragic, enraging, exciting, and hopeful sometimes all at once. An avid outdoorsman with respect for the land and its inhabitants, Callan shares some of the ecological and social history of each California region he's worked; while those without knowledge of hunting will soon learn the intricacies of California's byzantine regulations. Never wavering from his ideals, Callan demonstrates an enviable love of his life's work and has plenty of adventure stories to share."
     -- Publisher's Weekly Starred Review, 4/12/13

"Exceptionally well written.... The writing style is almost flawless, and reading this gem is pure effortless joy. The variety of tales that are told keeps the book fresh throughout...."
     -- Gerry Lister, International Game Warden magazine

"A thrilling ride into the heart of bad guy country.... The author has reconstructed his and other cases from memory, interviews, and court documents. The result is a series of suspenseful, well-written procedurals in which good triumphs, but not without a lot of foot work and tense dealings with well armed scofflaws.... It's compelling reading about true public service."
     --Dan Barnett, Chico Enterprise Record

"Steve Callan has written an honest and compelling memoir of his career as a warden for the California Department of Fish and Game. Game wardens usually work alone, rarely with back-up.... It's not a calling for the faint at heart, but one requiring high intelligence, tact, and insight into human nature. Californians are fortunate to have wardens of Callan's distinguished character protecting their wildlife."
     --Boyd Gibbons, former Director of the California Department of Fish and Game, retired President of The Johnson Foundation, and former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Interior

"Callan is John Grisham for the Outdoorsman. Conservationists will applaud his sometimes 'unique' efforts to protect our natural resources from those who would abuse them. Whoever knew there was so much intrigue in Fish and Game cases?"
     --McGregor Scott, former Shasta District Attorney and former United States Attorney, Sacramento

"Most people do not think of a game warden as a detective. In Badges, Bears, and Eagles, Steve Callan--Californian, detective, environmentalist, wildlife protection officer, and outdoorsman--takes the reader on a thrilling adventure, providing an inside look at what a dedicated game warden truly does."
     --Randal Hendricks, sports attorney and award-winning author of Inside the Strike Zone

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Category: Memoir / Biography Suggested Price: 13.95 Release Date: 03/01/2013 ISBN: 978-1-60381-158-3 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 236