Camel Press

Camel Press is the genre imprint of Coffeetown Enterprises,  Inc. located in Seattle, Washington. (Coffeetown Press publishes memoir, nonfiction, some literary mysteries, and literary fiction). Camel Press is a feisty little publisher with a mission: to be your trusted purveyor of popular literature—the stuff that makes you lie in the sun too long and read in bed until the cock crows, the urban chickens start clucking, or your neighbor leaves for her 6 am shift.  We snap up the good stuff that slips by the big guys, the publishers who are too worried about photogenic authors and the bottom line to care what’s between the pages.

Camel Press is going to transport you out of the desert of boredom into an oasis of imaginary worlds. Onto other planets, into love nests, inside gritty police precincts, adrift in exotic seas. Any place your imagination can take you—the more fantastic, the better.

In more practical terms, Camel Press publishes genre fiction: romance, mystery/suspense, science fiction, fantasy and horror. We publish the books that grab you and hold you in their grip long into the night.

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Camel Press’ books are available in trade paperback and just about any eBook format you can imagine.

CAMEL PRESS is an approved publisher of ….

Mystery Writers of America (MWA)

International Thriller Writers (ITW)

Romance Writers of America (RWA)

Dancing with Eternity Double Cross, The Jackson Hole Journey Marco and the Devil's Bargain Paloma and the Horse Traders Regency Christmas Gifts Stabbing in the Senate Homicide in the House One Dead, Two to Go Deadly Dunes A Black Sail Deadly Spirits Star in the Meadow, The Johnnie Come Lately Two Heads are Deader Than One Seven Wings to Glory Siegel Dispositions, The Sapphire Pavilion Dadgummit Calamity at the Continental Club Lights Out Summer